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© 2021 Opportunity International Hong Kong All rights reserved. Opportunity International Hong Kong is a member of the Opportunity International global network. Tax-Exempt Charity Ref. No.: 91/07990.

What We Do Microfinance

Opportunity International China is dedicated to helping those in need by giving them the tools to improve their working lives through loans and practical skills training. OI China offers various services to achieve this goal, including microcredit loans, client training, employee training, and English classes. These services provide the extra boost that entrepreneurs need to further improve their businesses. Our additional services set us apart from other similar organizations throughout China.

Poverty is a reality they know all too well. In developing countries, poverty can affect every aspect of a family’s life: mealtimes – struggling to find enough to eat; school days – not being able to give your children an education; bedtime – getting sick from sleeping on the cold floor because there’s no proper bed to sleep in.

Microfinance is all about providing people living in poverty with a hand up.

By providing small loans to families through Opportunity International, you can help them leave poverty behind.

And with 98% of loans repaid and then recycled, more and more families are helped over time.

By giving families like Lea’s the tools they need to transform their lives, microfinance is a sustainable solution to poverty, creating a ripple effect that will continue for generations to come.

  • Small loans help families start their own small businesses and earn regular incomes
  • Savings accounts provide a secure way to save for the future
  • Microinsurance protects against emergencies
  • Remittances help families living apart access much-needed funds
  • Micropensions provide a form of livelihood in old age.

The Journey of Transformation

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