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What We Do Training

In addition to providing loans, OI China offers clients training in various disciplines to achieve our goal of “Growing Businesses, Creating Jobs, and Transforming Lives.”

One such service is financial literacy training. In these classes we focus on important aspects of financial management that are applicable to a client’s business. Clients learn about the importance of credit, how to attain it, manage it, and effectively use it to improve and grow their business. 

OI China has partnered with Caterpillar Inc., one of the world's leading industrial manufacturers, to provide safety training to our clients' engaged in cottage industries.  The training series stressed the importance of safety in the work place, and taught ways to limit the risk of injury in employee’s duties. 

English language ability is crucial to the future for China’s youth.  As part of OI China’s commitment to helping clients, their families and their communities, OI China provides English training to the children of our clients and to their employees, free of charge.

Our emphasis on the importance of relationship also extends to how we relate to our clients, their families and the community, because we believe that strong and supportive relationships is crucial to our client’s success. 

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