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Where We Work China

More than half China’s population lives in rural areas, where poverty levels are significantly higher than in urban areas. China is still home to hundreds of millions of people living in poverty

China has experienced dramatic economic growth in the past few decades, but there remain deep pockets of poverty, primarily in the rural areas.
Among those who are the most vulnerable are the 50 million left-behind women, 60 million left-behind children, and the elderly.

By giving families the tools to start their own small businesses, you can help them rewrite their futures.

Supporters like you are supporting up to 1,000 rural entrepreneurs, who create and sustain economic opportunities for their lesser neighbors:

  • Small loans to help them start their own businesses and earn regular incomes
  • Training to help them run their businesses successfully
  • Jobs to provide additional income
  • Microinsurance to help families deal with unexpected challenges like the death of a loved one or illness
  • Rural outreach to empower families in the most isolated villages.

Norther Jiangsu Province

In September 2008, Opportunity International China was granted a license to distribute microloans directly in Suyu district of Suqian, Jiangsu province.

Opportunity International Suqian opened its doors in March of 2009 as one of only Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise (WFOE) microfinance institutions in all of China. Today, under the Suqian Micro Credit Company (MCC), we operate three branch locations: Suyu, Siyang and Shuyang. In 2012 and 2014 respectively, Opportunity China also obtained MCC licenses to start operation in Huai’An and Xuzhou Fengxian.

Opportunity provides crucial financial and business training to all clients who take out a loan. These services include training in financial management and small business development, counseling for family life, and courses teaching the importance and use of credit.

To make our services more accessible to clients living in remote areas, we provide a mobile banking services. Our mobile bank vehicle meets the clients in their villages, which enables our clients to participate in financial inclusion, as well as take part in various training.

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